Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Welcome to Slow My Goodness!

I've always loved to cook.  I fondly recall afternoons spent with my Holly Hobby oven; Sunday sessions gently melting chocolate over a double boiler; and lazy summer evenings cooking fresh seafood over an open fire pit at our cottage.  Our family has always adhered to mostly 'slow' food cooking but the prepackaged, fast and convenience meals do creep in from time to time.

Since having kids of my own, I have continued to grow into, raise my standards for, and perfect my home cooking.  After struggling with food sensitivities and a mounting allergy to dairy, I have kicked my dairy consumption to the curb, shunned fast food - well pretty much - and starting cooking more low grain, low sugar, and vegan meals along with starting to make fermented foods.  

With one large batch of sauerkraut down and a few successful jars of fermented salsa to go, I have decided lay down a record of my food failures and triumphs. Welcome to Slow My Goodness and my posts about cooking at home with health in mind.

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