Friday, 30 October 2015

The Uses for Vegan Cheeze Sauce are Endless

Can you see the baked potato hiding under the piles of
broccoli & cheeze sauce?
My oldest daughter wanted mac and cheese on the weekend so I directed her to my Vegan Cheeze Sauce recipe.  With little effort, she whipped up a huge batch of mac and cheeze which fed us for lunch and this week's cold lunches for school.  With a side of coleslaw and a large dollop of homemade baked beans, it's a pretty tasty meal.

Did you know that cooking your pasta and then cooling it, substantially reduces the glycemic index of the pasta?  Further small studies have shown that the GI of pasta is reduced even more after reheating the pasta from cold.

Cooking & Cooling Pasta Changes Starch Quality To Cut Calories & Fat

After pulling together a delish mac & cheeze, we held back about a cup of the remaining cheeze sauce to use as topping for stuffed potatoes.  The kids absolutely love stuffed potatoes and I have never seen them eat broccoli so fast.

Finally, I was looking for something different to put on my sourdough toast so it dressed my afternoon sourdough toast snack.  It took me back to my childhood love of good old Cheez Whiz.  Don't judge me for thinking wistfully about Cheez Whiz; you know you used to love it too;0.

I'm thinking of using the vegan cheeze sauce recipe in a black bean layered taco dip for Halloween.  I have no doubt it will be yummy!

If you haven't made my Vegan Cheeze Sauce recipe then give it a go.  If you prefer a less tangy version then add the lemon juice slowly to taste.

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