Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Sourdough Journey Continues...

The kids have been on school holidays over the last couple of weeks so my posts have slowed considerably.  Despite the hustle and bustle of having kids at home twenty-four seven, I have been making sourdough with a focus especially on white sourdough. My bread making has taken a turn for the better as I have moved into the realm of weighing my ingredients now instead of using cup measures.  I felt like too much of a beginner to weigh things early on and stuck to cup measures but as my starter takes strength, I am ready for the next stage of my sourdough journey.

Here are some pictures of my latest efforts using the same recipe but shaping a little differently each time. While not my recipe, these loaves were made all by my hands.  Yay me!  New recipes will be up soon for the blog especially since hubby is away on business and I hope he will use this website to keep to healthy eating.  Until then, enjoy the pics!

Alaskan Sourdough 66% hydration.

Sourdough white in bread tins.  So fluffy and amazing!

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