Monday, 12 January 2015

Garden Love

I'm thinking fermented sriracha sauce for this lot.
Since moving, I have inherited a very small garden plot in my sunny back yard.  After a good clean out, I have salvaged a couple of chilli pepper plants and planted tomatoes, zucchini, bush beans, sweet corn, sage, thyme, oregano, rosemary, chives and basil.  So far things are looking good, especially after spreading a bag of sheep manure over the lot to give them a good boost. 

I have big plans for fermented hot sauces; zucchini and basil pesto noodles; steamed sweet corn on the cob; and beautiful salads with fresh picked cherry tomatoes.  We will see how far the weather and bugs let me go with my master plan.  

So far I am enjoying an abundance of basil and am using all my herbs for seasoning my bone broths and my roasted veggies.  Something has been nibbling on my tomatoes but I can't find any beasts in my garden so can't take any action as of yet.

Baby zucchini earmarked for 'noodles' highlighted with basil pesto.

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